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Interesting discussing on photography as a weapon is continued in Cartesian Blogging

I have his book, paid to watch his sessions at the best damn online training site on the web, but for some reason didn't notice Joe McNally has a blog until now.

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These links have been sitting in a 'post these links!' folder for a month.

Digital Forensics: 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Photo a supplement to the more detailed Scientific American article - Digital Forensics: How Experts Uncover Doctored Images

If you're photographing a car bomb scene in Iraq (which is illegal there), don't use a Leica M8.

How much does inkjet printing really cost? A report on 2 Epson printers concludes less than a buck for an 8x10.


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These top 10 NASA images of Earth are very cool.

Photos by Rarindra Prakarsa have been linked to already by all the photo blogs, but they're a must see.

There's lots of good stuff out on the photo blogs these days, I'll compile a list of them eventually, but for now straightforward knowledge like Taking Care of Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Data (SD) cards and the On Design Series at Pixelated Image are required reading.

Some photography links

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Here are some links clogging my bookmarks.

Photo industry braces for another revolution an article on computational photography, at Underexposed,  CNET's photography blog.

TWIP or, This Week in Photography is a fairly new podcast done by some professional podcasters like Alex Lindsay (don't worry there's no Dvorak). Smart and geeky with a good mix of old school knowledge and enthusiasm for new technologies (as well as a good balance of Nikon/Canon and Aperture/Lightroom users). If you think the idea of Dektol scented Glade air fresheners is funny, then this podast is for you.

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