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Here's my attempt at reviewing the Weblogs I check out regularly. There's lots more out there of course and will be adding more as I have time to review the many blogs out there. I am also working on a growing list of other topical blogs.

Daily reads

These are sites worth your time to look at every day. There's new, high quality content everyday. Their links are usually worth a click if the subject interests you.

lark farm
Mike's site has the same concept as mine - all knowledge is on the Web somewhere. He does a excellent job of continually finding interesting stuff thats worth learning. With a science slant. Updated very regularly.

robot wisdom
Jorn Barger views and news. I've encountered several people who didn't know enough to scroll down to the main items past the headlines on the top of the page. The rest of his site is an enormous collection of knowledge.

lake effect
Dan's site seems to be on everyone's page. Chicago based with a good style and well-researched and linked subjects, with a slant towards news and world events.

abuddhas memes
"A primary motivation behind abuddhas memes is to provide the visitor some tantalizing fragments of a fundamental, underlying unity." Usually very heavy articles on science, philosophy culture and consciousness. Updated daily.

stuffed dog
I read a lot of Weblogs, but I seem to actually click on stuffed dog's links more than any other's. Web design, technology, urban sprawl, news. Updated regularly.

"Mostly visual communication links". Much more actually, although it focuses on Web design, development, usability etc, there's plenty of varied, excellent and useful knowledge found here. Updated with lots o' links every day.

Weekly reads

These sites are more for leisure reading. These are given alot of effort by their authors, but some are updated a little less frequently.

Science, technology, biology. Raphael never fails to point to fascinating insights of the world around us.

Once I noticed I was on Fire...
The prolific and bottomless mind of Matt Rossi. More journal then blog, but whatever it is he raises it to an art form. He also does blog reviews.

rebecca's pocket
Humanity, science, a bit of goth and pop culture. Smart updates regularly.

Design, art, journally but deep. Updated a couple times a week.

Inspired by lemonyellow. interesting and thought provoking but sometimes over my head.

notes, quotes, provocations and other fair use, Dutch artist/writer, always thought-provoking, but too intellectual for a quick skim - the writing and the liinks usually deserve a careful read. Updated frequently but sporadically.