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The Singularity is coming

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When most people hear of the word 'singularity' they think of deep space or some big scary thing the Enterprise is about to run into.

If you haven't heard it used related to computer technology and the near future 'event horizon' where computers get so powerful that they themselves can create computers even more powerful than themselves, advancing a new generation of machines at a rate of an hourly Moore's Law, then you soon will. 

I'm just mentioning it here, so you can say you saw it on KIPlog first, before the movie comes out or before people start lining up to have their consciousnesses downloaded into holographic Yottabyte drives. It's a pretty complex subject, full of nano-crawlies and cyber-liches, with way too much emphasis put on technologically solving our mortality in a conveniently short amount of time. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

So start at the Singularity Summit's Intro and work your way through their reading list, especially IEEE Spectrum's Special Report on Singularity. The Summit blog says they'll have some video up soon.

I'll let you know if any of this stuff makes sense to me.

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