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Food Blogs

More and more people are finding food blogging a wonderful hobby. It's a great way to record, share and talk about food experiences. Not only does it serve to record a place, ingredient, technique or an experience, it allows you to share that knowledge with the rest of the world. My guess is that there is now more than 5 thousand of them out there - more than I could ever hope to list by hand. They will only increase exponentially, so this list has changed from the definitive list, to a very large sampling of what's out here.

If you'd like to be included on this list I'd be happy to put you on it. However this list is only for food bloggers. You don't need to be running any fancy content management system (although there's several free ones to make blogging easier) but you must be frequently adding content, and your archives of old content should be freely available in some form. Those are my only two definitions of a 'blog'.

This list really is for food bloggers, so no personal or other themed blogs that occasionally have a recipe. If you submit a site to me that is just a link farm, or an rss-harvest or obviously exists just so can you sell fifty pop-up ads, please don't expect to be included. There's nothing wrong with being commercial, selling your business or product, in fact I encourage food business blogs, just talk about food and be a blog.

I am afraid that I'm going to have to exclude non-english language food blogs from this list. I know there are many excellent blogs from around the world, but the World Wide Web is a very big place, and I need to draw the line somewhere.

This is just a hobby, and since I spend most of my time working on projects for people that pay me, I may be a little slow about getting you included. Be patient.

Leaving your URL in my comments may or may not get you included, although I will check them out, but I get backed up and trying to go back and collect them all is usually too much work. As far as not being able to find my email, it is on this site, I just don't make it easy by including it here, which weeds out a few robots, both human and non.