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KIPlog cooks, eats (and drinks)


Food blog is a blog about eating, drinking, shoving lenses into food, but mostly linking to food things on the web. There’s one author and photographer and it originates in Evanston IL, just outside of Chicago.

This originally was an experiment in food, photography and weblogging, combining three hobbies of mine. Since 2002, Food blogging has become a full time occupation for many, and the quality of some of them are stunning. Several years ago I was asked to judge the Food Blog awards, a very difficult task. In the photography category, I was only able to pick the winner by looking at every single photo posted by the finalist, and if any one of them was less than flawless, the blog was eliminated. The competition has only gotten tougher since then.

Competition exists in every hobby, from making pies to eating them, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s many more who’s interest in food, photography, writing and the internet have combined into one, solely for the fun of doing it. Sharing, learning, helping, archiving are just some of the benefits to doing this.

My advice to the many new bloggers joining us these days – blog for yourself first – post your recipes, what you’ve learned and links to what others have learned, and worry about the promotion later. Too many new bloggers put up two posts then become obsessed with getting their blog ‘out there’. Sure, watching your traffic stats is fun, but that shouldn’t be the greatest satisfaction, posting should be.