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Blog Day

August 31st, 2006 · Comments Off

It’s blog day so I give you a few new food blogs.Brotherhood of the Bean “Coffee Cultists of the World Unite!” “Pursuing the best coffee & coffee related products since 2006. Unbiased opinions & reviews from people that love coffee…” Aurora Il. The Brotherhood points us to things like the Java-Log, a fireplace log made out of coffee.The Jesuit Gourmet “Gourmandise is a capital offense. So, therefore, my brothers, let us guard against being gourmands. Let’s be gourmets.—Saint Ignatius of Loyola”C.H.I.C Library A blog from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago’s Library.Sub-Zero Wine Blog “Insights and advice on all things wine” From the refrigerator people.And to be international, here’s a list of some Top European Food Blogs, mostly Dutch.

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Food links

August 21st, 2006 · Comments Off Images of Chicago-style food, edible and not.

How to throw a large room party at a science fiction convention While all the advice won’t apply to most parties, there’s some great hints for entertaining here. “Very small insecure paper plates will enable your guests to load up a handful of cookies or veggie bits and carry them off to wherever they’re conversing, but won’t encourage malfeasants to carry off a half-pound of chocolates when they leave.”

A Caesar salad without raw egg does not deserve the name “This is, in fact, why it is now essentially impossible to obtain a decent Caesar in any restaurant in these benighted States; they are afraid of the potential legal liability if you should come down with salmonella upon eating raw egg (a highly unlikely eventuality). They’re all these dainty, tasteless little things with a faint lemon vinaigrette and a dusting of parmesan on top of Romaine. Curse their cowardly souls.”

The Truth About Our Food That Nobody Heard “Did we just read that our government allows the planting of genetically engineered crops, whose safety is unknown, without a WRITTEN plan for keeping those crops from contaminating anything planted around them, or the entire environment, for that matter? And did Mr. Young just tell us that inspections are done with a phone call?”

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Food blogs

August 14th, 2006 · Comments Off

It’s now several months since I’ve highlighted any new food blogs here. I got behind and the big pile-up of blogs got out-of-hand. I may have to declare “request bankruptcy” and start from scratch. (That concept comes from Lawrence Lessig and his ‘email bankruptcy‘). For now I’m just going to work backwards, since the latest crop has some really good ones. I know I’m going to dissapoint some bloggers whove asked months earlier, but I’ll eventually get around to most of them.CookthinkCooking Up a Story “A weekly video Blog about food and people”Culinary Concoctions by Peabody Huge URL, huge photos. Seattle.Dejamo’s Distracted “I started out with a Knitting Blog, but got distracted by food and cooking. While I still knit, I mostly talk about cooking.” Chicago.Eat, the only mother/son food blog on the internet? Mom posts from Pittsburgh, her son, who works at the French Culinary Institute, posts from New York.Erin’s Kitchen Los Angeles.The Food Ass “I love food. My friends say I am a total ass about it, I dont let them buy yellow mustard. (well, I try)”Meals I Have Eaten ChicagoNika’s Culinaria – Eat With Your Eyes Culinary PhotographyOn the Wine Trail in Italy “Between Italy and America”

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Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards (and beer)

August 9th, 2006 · Comments Off

Chicago foodie board LTH Forum has announced it’s latest round of Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards.

Sadly, I’ve only been to two of them (Hopleaf and Volo). I personaly feel that Hopleaf deserves the award, but shouldn’t get it. It’s well known, listed in all the guide books so even the tourists know about it, and it’s recently been on Check Please. The LTH awards should go to those that don’t get the attention they deserve. Or maybe I just have personal reasons for not giving the place anymore attention (I’d like a seat at the bar).

The surly barstaff at Hopleaf is stuff of legend, although I’ve never seen it unless it was justified (If you can’t find something you recognize or are adventurous enough to want to try on their beer menu, you might not want to be sitting at the bar, sit at a table and have some frites and a root beer). I’d be surly too if I had to deal with the multitudes of MGD drinkers who order a Duchess du Bourgogne (pronouncing it Ernest du Borgnine) then complain that it’s too sour.

In other challenging beer news, one of my local pubs, Prairie Moon is now carrying Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA on tap. Even better, they have it for 3 bucks a pint on Tuesdays. 90 Minute is a serious beer, and the bartender usually has to warn unsuspecting Bud drinkers. It has an IBU (International Bittering Unit) of 90 and an alcohol by volume of 9%. Of course that’s nothing when compared to the 21% 120 Minute IPA available (in bottles) at Hopleaf.

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Food news

August 8th, 2006 · Comments Off

A mayonnaise with attitude Financial Times article on aoli. Sorry, but that title can only go to bacon fat mayo. Skilletdoux’s bacon mayo and Pragmatic Chef’s Bacon-flavored mayo. also has an article on Living with the food fascists ” I don’t really mind the food fascists as long as they keep their lectures short, don’t come for dinner or my picnics, and keep out of my daughter’s lunchbox.”

Michael Ruhlman’s farewell from guest blogging at Megnut.

Stolen Doughnut Truck Grabs Cops’ Attention

Martini Go Greeny “Chilled, shaken or stirred, it’s easy to get in the organic spirit with organic spirits” “While there are only a handful of organic alcohol brands on the market today, demand for salutary spirits will certainly increase in the coming years, judging from the examples set by organic beer and wine. Vodka, being the number one choice of spirit in the US, offers the most organic choices, including Illinois-based Rain Vodka, London’s UK 5 and Colorado-based Vodka 14. Papagayo Rum (plain or spiced) hails from remote Paraguayan organic sugarcane, and for the martini purists, there’s Juniper Green, the world’s first organic dry London gin.” Rain Vodka is produced in Kentucky, from organic grain grown at Fizzle Flat Farm in Yale Illinois. Listed here in this Illinois argitourism directory under Jasper County.

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Food links

August 3rd, 2006 · Comments Off

Did you know that the man who created the Weinermobile also created the Miller Brewing logo and the wide mouth peanut butter jar? (among lots of other things). “There’s nothing more aerodynamic than a wiener”A good pan is Hard to Find Cheesecake and design. “The whole question of how one experiences food and eating doesn’t even occur at a verbal level — which may explain why it is so compelling to try to do so.”No discussion of cheesecake and design is complete without a mention of Jakob Nielsen’s Cheesecake.Chinese 50-yuan bill rendered entirely in eggsMany seek enlightenment, but now you can attain Buddha pudding molds. But like elightenment, there is no easy path. Go to, click on products – Il Buddino.Pouring Ketchup, The full technical explanation

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Food porn

August 1st, 2006 · Comments Off

Some random food porn.

This is what happens when you let an artichoke bloom. Chicago Botanic Garden.

A bug on a Quince. Chicago Botanic Garden.

Oysters at Davis St. Fishmarket. Reviews have been mixed about the upscale remodeling but they still serve excellent oysters, and half-price during after-work happy hours.


Baba’s Famous Steak and Lemonade – Super Philly Steak – Included Fries and Lemonade, $7.25. Across from Wrigley Field. Not the best Philly steak I’ve ever had, but darn good and huge, on very good bread. Good lemonade too. After a night in Wrigleyville, I had my heart set on getting a burrito from the place just under the Addison el but there was a ‘police action’ going on in there.

Dave’s Italian Kitchen – Chicken Marsuvio (a combination of Marsala/Vesuvio). I hadn’t been to Dave’s in a very long time and wasn’t impressed too much with this dish. Cold and bland wasn’t the way I remembered Dave’s. I’ll have to go back to try some of the menu items I used to like – the meatball sandwich and the stuffed zucchini.

Dozika – Special Philli, “smoked salmon, cream cheese, scallion, unagi (smoked eel), topped with a sweet sauce and avocado”

Dozika – Volcano, tempura flakes, and assorted maki with spicy tuna, yellowtail and crab.

Dozika is another place I hadn’t been to in a while, mainly because Joy Yee’s became my main Pan-Asian source. These sushi makis were excellent and there were lots of other tempting items on the menu. They’ve got makis in the shapes of dragons, spiders and volcanos if colorful and fun is what you look for in your sushi.

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