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Food related listening

June 28th, 2006 · Comments Off

Beware of the Blog’s post on Ice cream truck music contains links to mp3 files so you can play those jingles over and over, really loud in your car as you drive around this summer. There’s also links to ice cream truck history.

Mr Softee truck NYC
Mr. Softee truck, last time I was in NYC, in the spring.

Absolutely worthless article on food podcasts – The iKitchen: Pods and Pans. I realize TechNewsWorld is selling links, but why bother writing an article about things you can link to on the internet, if you can’t link to them? Friends Anne and Mia from Eat Feed get a mention.

In the interest of keeping the internet connected, here’s a short list of food and drink podcasts.

All you can eat

Art of the Drink

Ctrl+Alt+Chicken Video podcast from one of the guys at Diggnation

Chicago Bites Chicago food and reviews

Craft Beer Radio

Eat Feed

Grape Radio

KCRW’s Good Food

Podchef Show “The podcast about cooking, food, and the politics of food.”

Restaurant Guys Podcast version of a professional radio show from 2 Jersey restaurant guys.

Simply Ming Ming Tsai

Tiki Bar TV A podcast list isn’t complete without this classic. Gotta love La La.


Wine Making Radio

There’s much more at iTunes and the other podcast directories.

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Food links

June 26th, 2006 · Comments Off

Michael Ruhlman describes Anthony Bordain’s 50th birthday party.

Sweet Nothing—The Triumph Of Diet Soda “It is probably fair to say that Hyman Kirsch, 50 years dead, his once powerful beverage company now a shadow of its former fizzy self, could not have imagined the ways in which his No-Cal soda would change the world.”

Thus Ate Zarathustra Woody Allen discusses “Friedric Nietzsche’s Diet Book”. ” While its authenticity might appear to be a soupçon dicey to the niggling, most who have studied the work agree that no other Western thinker has come so close to reconciling Plato with Pritikin ” “Man is the only creature who ever stiffs a waiter.”

I missed that Alton Brown got thrown off his bike a few weeks ago while filming a new series for Food Network. There’s a painful picture of his after-accident grimace on his site.

Chowhound got a Web 2.0 redesign.

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More great food blogs

June 22nd, 2006 · Comments Off

Again I ignore the big list of blogs who’ve requested inclusion to higlight some food blogs that rise above. Eventually I’ll get a chance to look at the rest (I’ve got no doubt they probably include ones as good as the following), and get them included on the list.

Until then check these out:

Lobstersquad a food blog with drawings. By an illustrator in Madrid, this one will no doubt be very popular not only because of the art, but because of the perspective on Spanish food.

Cookbook 411 “Cooking by the Books”. Excellent photography. Check out her Food Photography blog too – Still Life With…

Some of the blogs listed below I found in recent travels through other blogrolls, but they all were on Still Life’s list. She must know where to look. There’s plenty other great blogs for you to check out there.

acuriousmix Singapore. Another with excellent photography.

Bron Marshall “Classic and Creative Cuisine”. NZ. I don’t know how such an excellent food blog can hide under my radar. Giant, beautiful photos and creative and inspiring recipes.

Evil Jungle Prince This one is unique because of the author’s pursuit of the exoctic. “…my hobby might appropriately be titled Cooking for the Suburban Savage. Just as the military men of the mid-century America period brought home slightly skewed visions of the “exotic” outside world and cultivated them in the remote privacy of their suburban backyards and bachelor pads, cooking for me is also an escape of sorts.” The photography is topnotch as well.

Fancy Toast A new pretty blog from Chicago.

I’ve run into the beautiful Italian blog FiordiZucca before, but now it’s in English! Fiordizucca goes English.

The Wine Offensive “anecdotes for the gourmet proletariat” “a surly, dissonant voice in opposition to the glossy magazine culture of food and the moneyed critocracy of wine.” Where the hell have I been to have missed this one? As informative as it is hilarious (or, depending on your veiwpoint, offensive).

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Sicily continued, Palermo

June 15th, 2006 · Comments Off

After our trip to Monreale, we had a drink on the roof lounge of our Hotel in Palermo – Albergo Sole and then it was time to eat again.

cupola of Chiesa Santa Catarina
The view from the roof, the cupola of Chiesa Santa Catarina, Palazzo di Città (city hall) or Palazzo delle Aquile (Palace of Eagles) and I think that’s Monte Grifone in the background.

Our hotel meals were good, but they didn’t compare to the restaurants we visited. The pasta dish here is a pasta with pumpkin, but I’m unsure the technical name of the pasta. It’s either Casarecci, which means hand made, from the hand rolling this ’s’ shape requires, or strozzapreti which has the much more romantic sounding name which means ‘Priest Stranglers’.

This weekend I was planning to make my normal chicken curry pasta salad for a party, when I saw this shape in Whole Foods and used it. I’m glad I found it, since I didn’t note the pasta type when in Palermo and I couldn’t find the name. Even the World Directory of Pasta Shapes and Names didn’t have a description of this type of pasta. This pasta shape chart has a picture of both.

We had a breaded swordfish and then a ‘lemon ricotta cake’ with some sort of wild strawberries.

I’m unsure if this was anything related to the traditional cassata. We were served several versions of ricotta cakes, mostly lemon, and a smattering of either strawberry, pistachio, or almond. I’m afraid these were all served in hotels, and while I ate them with gusto, I didn’t run into the kitchen, demanding the name, ingredients and cultural history, just to make sure, that at some point I’d be able to ask for the exact same thing. We retired on the roof deck, with a grappa (or two). I could blame the second one, but I neglected to note the name of the brand, which was very good, despite grappa’s terrible reputation as undrinkable moonshine. That said, this stuff was as potent an alcohol as I’ve ever had. Think Everclear with nuance. Later in the trip we did try some grappa that was truely horrific, in potentcy and taste.

The view of the cupola at night, under the influence of a few grappa.

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Food issues

June 13th, 2006 · Comments Off

Dear avid food blog reader, you’re probably more educated about where food comes from than most people, but you may learn a thing or two if you go read Slaughterhouse High A Brief Lesson in Abattoirs – by Bruce Cole. “Despite what you may think of the veal industry and its somewhat dubious reputation, it prospers because of our insatiable appetite for milk. If you are really good at connecting the dots, you’ve by now figured out that slurping down a latte made with local milk every morning on the way to work explicitly places you in the food chain that begins on the dairy farm and ends at the slaughterhouse. It’s enough to make some people switch to tea.”

In other food issue news – Boneless Chicken Awareness “We are proud to present the world’s first weblog (or blog, if you will) dedicated to an issue to which Professor Gary Oxnard and I have now given two decades of our lives: boneless chicken awareness and prevention.”

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Food blogs

June 13th, 2006 · Comments Off

My list of food blogs is in sad shape. It’s riddled with link rot and there’s loads of good blogs piling up trying to get on. Rather than put it off any longer, here’s some of them that for some reason have risen to the top. Don’t feel bad if you’re not included, I have to admit I haven’t even glanced at the requests of gotten in the last couple of weeks.

Ice Cream Ireland all about making, eating, pondering about and enjoying sweet things by an Irish ice cream man and chocoholic in Dingle, Ireland with recipes included.”

I include this one because it reminds my of an experiment I was witness to in the Celtic Knot. I think I’ve had a Guinness float (vanilla ice cream and Guinness) but this time it was made with Mackeson Triple Stout. Mackeson is from the London brewery Whitbread. “Wait?” you say, “An English beer in an Irish Ice cream reference?” Not to worry, the stuff is contract brewed here in the USA by Boston Beer Company. Anyway, Mackeson is a perfect dessert stout, thick with chocolaty, coffee and cream essences. It’s sweet with about being cloying. Poured over vanilla ice cream it’s delicious – but I suggested throwing in a shot of Bailey’s – and it became utterly delicious. Sadly, they’re not carrying Mackeson at the moment.

Control+Alt+Chicken “is a new form of cooking show… one in which the chefs don’t know how to cook!” This videocast features Alex Albrecht of Diggnation fame (the hilarious geek-oriented beer-drinking podcast).

The first lady of the blogosphere, Megnut is an all food blog now. A true weblog, done by one of the best at the craft. She’s recently reviewed Alinea.

And a few of Italian-themed food blogs and one I’ve been promising to get on for months now:

Cream Puffs in Venice

Cucina Bella “Celebrating everyday food for everyday people” Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

My Life Italian Naples, Italy

Lucullian Delights Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Porcini Chronicles

Rubber Slippers in Italy Provincia di Lecco, Lombardia, Italy

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Sicily report: 1st Gelato

June 5th, 2006 · Comments Off

Inside the Monreale Cathedral

We ate a lot of gelato while in Sicily, this was the first, in Monreale across from the cathedral. I opted to start my gelato experience slowly, with a vaniglia (vanilla). Thick and creamy, perfumy with vanilla. Some others on the trip who tried other flavors thought this was the best gelato on the trip. I had a few better, but only because of the bolder flavors I tried later.

Outside the Monreale Cathedral.

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Food News and links

June 5th, 2006 · Comments Off

Before I get on with my Sicilian report and pictures, here’s a few food links.

Hot Dog Eating Competition pictures that are possibly unsafe for work.

200 bottles of Diet Coke and 500 Mentos.

Video: How to host a successful power lunch. I’m reminded of the most important rule at a business lunch – don’t get food on the client.

Willing to wait ten years or more for a drink? Andrew’s got an idea for you – “we’d buy casks from different distilleries and create a sort of mutual fund of scotch, with the return on investment being bottles of your personal cask”

The 7th Annual Feast of the Senses – food, wine & art & art. Thursday, June 22nd, 6pm-8:30pm “Eighteen art galleries in the River North neighborhood will host prominent Chicago Chefs, wineries, breweries, specialty shops and more… Proceeds raised will go towards two funds set up after Hurricane Katrina. ” Tickets are 50 bucks before June 15th.

Reviews are coming in for David Burke’s new Chicago Steak place, but he’s on my blacklist for pushing non-caloric bottled flavor sprays. The anti-christ of real food is something you spray on to food that you’re afraid to flavor with real flavor. The Restaurant Guys podcast talks about it here, and tries it here. (in the begining of both shows) The results were not good.

In one of those podcasts, the guys also discuss meat grown in a lab. If that doesn’t induce a gag response in the majority of humans, we should probably think about not calling ourselves human anymore. Slate has a recent article – “The Conscience of a Carnivore It’s time to stop killing meat and start growing it” which is in favor of this idea. Ick.

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