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2005 food non-blog awards

January 21st, 2006 · No Comments

Any day now we should see the results for the 2005 Food Blog Awards. UPDATE: they’re in! As a judge for this years I had a hand in choosing who got in the final running. Just as Kate from Accidental Hedonist mentioned in an email, I have no trouble defending my choices, or the combined results of the judges decisions.

There were a few shouldn’t be missed foodie sites that didn’t fit the blog format. Here are my picks for the food non-blog awards.

Best Restaurant Photography
There’s lots of great food photography out there, but Noah Kalina has by far, the best restaurant photography. Beautiful shots of interiors of bars and restaurants in NY. Technically this is a blog, but technically not a food blog.

Best Food Podcast
There’s lots of good food related podcasts out there but the Restaurant Guys beats them all. The podcasts of a professional radio show done by two New Jersey Restaurantuers is funny, informative and should be required listening for anyone wanting to get into the business. Great guests, which have included people like Charlie Trotter and Ruth Reichel, but you’ll learn tons from all the other wine and food experts they have conversations with. Over the holidays, I ate at Catherine Lombardi’s, recently opened by the guys.

Funniest Extreme Food Writing
While Eddie from Deep End Dining is undeniably a better writer, and his explorations are a little more of what foodies might want to know about, Steve Don’t Eat That beats him for out and out explicit hilarity. And horror. Eddie’s post “Balut. The Egg of Darkness.” would be my pick for post of the year, but it just doesn’t match the shudder factor from descriptions of chocolate breast milk and prison wine brewed with the help of an old sock, moldy bread and a garbage bag. And Steve’s bravery in the face of these horrors trumps a mouthful of tentacles any day. I’d hate to go to a potluck where these two guys were invited.

The Best Blog Post that Wasn’t a Blog Post
Autumn Omakase, A Tasting Menu from Tatsu Nishino of Nishino is a beautifully produced cookbook in PDF form from Tasting Menu. “One tasting menu. Nine recipes. One hundred-twenty four pages of obsessive detail. 399 gorgeous photos of every step, not just of the final dish.” Inspiring not just for the food and preparation, but for the design and photography. And it will teach you how to clean an uni.

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