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Food news and links

March 31st, 2005 · Comments Off

The wizard of why Food psychologist Brian Wansink studies the reasons we eat the way we do.

Farm sea lice plague wild salmon The spread of parasitic sea lice from salmon farms to wild salmon is a far bigger problem than had previously been imagined, a new study claims.

New Yorker’s Book Review of “The Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute Cuisine” Rudolph Chelminski’s forthcoming biography of the doomed three-star chef Bernard Loiseau. “…when we read that Loiseau committed suicide after the failure of his caramelized cauliflower to impress his critics, we rebel again, in shock. It was, after all, only caramelized cauliflower.”

I was upset that I missed linking to an excellent Chicago Tribune Article on doughnuts and the worldwide fried dough varieties before it went into the archives. But thankfully I’ve found this Fried Dough Throughout the World page via a fully belly.

The Periodic Table of Dessert A Scientific and Rigorous approach to patisserie — in Full Color.

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Still Yet Even More Food Blogs

March 30th, 2005 · Comments Off

Bacon Press “…my eating habits and opinions change often. Let’s just say that while I’m in perfect mental health, my stomach tends to be bi-polar.” San Francisco.

Culinary Fool Cooking Club diary with musings, rants and ravings about all things culinary

Darell Eats a website dedicated to my obsession with cooking and eating.

The Delicious Life “drinking.dining out.dabbling in the kitchen.all the things that make life delicious.” Los Angeles.


Food Musings “a San Francisco girl who loves to eat and write…and eat some more.”

From the pantry Los Angeles

Jim Barcelona’s Philosophy and Food Blog “A Blog about Philosophy and Food”

My Epicurean Debauchery Bay Area, California

Seattle Bon Vivant One of those popular blogs I keep missing because I think I already have it.

Though small, it is tasty Formerly know as “Let’s cook with Meg and Ted”.

Vic Cherikoff’s Blog “Vic Cherikoff, representing Vic Cherikoff Food Services and Dining Downunder, writes an occasional opinion, update and observation on the food industry and in particular, on Australian cuisine.” This guy sells some very interesting sounding Australian herbs and spices, billed as “the newest ingredients from the oldest, continuously living culture on the planet.” This is the kind of thing that has the potential to take off in high-end culinary circles – rare and exotic sounding things like Australian Glace Riberries, lemon myrtle, and Wattleseed.

Zarzamora “is it possible to learn how to cook simply by being married to a chef and loitering in the kitchen? … this is the blog of my attempt”

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Cheap Seafood Fettucini

March 29th, 2005 · Comments Off

I’ve realized I’ve got lots of pictures of food that I haven’t written up yet. This is probably due to the way I cook. Sometimes I’ll use a recipe as an aid, but normaly, I’m just throwing things into a pan that were in my frig or pantry. After I’m done, I can’t remember what I did. This is a quick seafood fettucini that’s simple enough that I remember it.


1 package of imitation crab (the already-cooked stuff)
1 c. or so of mushrooms
1/2 stick of butter
1 c. half and half
2-3 T Cream Cheese
1/2 c. shredded parmesan
fennel fronds

Imitation crab is basically painted pollock. If I could afford this much real crab I would have used it. Also I would have used goat cheese if I had some at the time, but the cream cheese and parmesan were on hand, and gave me the creaminess I was looking for. Same thing with the half and half – normally it would be heavy cream but it works okay.

Boil the water for the pasta, melt the butter, saute the shrooms, throw in the broken up, painted pollock. Add the half and half, the cream cheese and mix up until bubbly. Throw in the cheese, melt a little and then throw in the cooked fettucini. Add the chopped fennel fronds last.

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Yet more Food Blogs

March 26th, 2005 · Comments Off

As I promised, part II of today’s Food Blogs to add to the list.

All Cupcakes, All The Time “Everything you ever wanted to know about cupakes (and I’m sure more than you never though to ask!) from a true cupcake fan”.

Delicious Days Yet another food blog with excellent photography. Munich (in English).

Fresh Approach Cooking “Recipes and whatnot from a not-so-typical L.A. girl”

Loves Cool “for the love of desert”. I’m glad the desert faction of food blogs is growing. This one has a delicious look to it.

Mens Cookery Club “3 Blokes, a blender and a bag of chickpeas every Friday night, taking the piss and learning to cook under the watchful eye of the master MCC Sensi.” Bristol, England.

Sharp Cookie Cape May, New Jersey.

Su Good Eats A food blog of Su Good Sweets (a mini bakery).

Sweet Nicks “A blog to capture all thoughts and musings related to food.”

Roving Gastronome “Blow-by-blow accounts of culinary adventures, particularly in obscure grocery stores in Astoria and abroad.”

What should I cook tonight? “A young man’s neverending struggle to decide what to cook each night. Join me as I wrestle with my inner food demons – creativity or frozen food and does rice taste better salted? Join the campaign to replace that cockney tw*t Jamie Oliver as the face of Sainsbury’s with someone altogether more appealing – me!” London (obviously).

You Gonna Eat All That? Virginia.

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Food blogs

March 26th, 2005 · Comments Off

I’m way behind in keeping up with the flood of food blogs. They’ll be a part II soon.

Bouquet Garni

Delicious! Delicious!
“The story of one woman in love with food. Because stories about food are inherently more interesting.” Written as only a screenwriter can write. Not afriad to use great big photos too. Los Angeles.

Folk Food

Food Chronicles “Food news, reviews and stories from far and wide” Based in Southern California.

Four Seasons “Local food & farms, sustainable agriculture & the environment, nutrition & health.”

For The Love Of Travel & Food “I travel to taste & discover the unusual.”

The Fresh Loaf “News and information for bread enthuasiasts.”

Market Manila “A food weblog that talks about ingredients, food, food stuffs, recipes, restaurants and markets here in the Philippines and around the globe.”

mā’ona “Hawai’ian: Satisfied after eating, full, satisfying; to have eaten, to eat one’s fill.” has a recent interesting sounding “Chocolate Curry Cupcakes with Lemongrass Infused Coconut Buttercream Frosting” recipe.

Michael Mahle’s Blog
“Mostly restaurant and food reviews with a dash of concert experiences and a sprinkling of travel adventures” He has a recent review of Blue Hill at Stone Barns where he got to eat in the same room as Sen. Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

Nosheteria “the Bourgie (boo-zhee) revolution starts here.” Berkeley, CA

Part-Time Pro Bono Baker from chicago

Plate Of The Day “all about the experiences associated with food.”

Raging Yoghurt

Salt and Pepper “This is a blog created just so I can chronicle all my cooking experiments.”

Tommy J’s Kitchen “Cooking tips, techniques, recipes, and ingredients. For beginner and expert alike, come join me in wandering about the kitchen in search of a meal.”

The Westernized Kusina This is the online community kitchen of Fil-West couples and their offspring and other Pinoys/Pinays uprooted from their native land.

Vegan Momma

A Year In Food “Documenting 365 days of dining out (minus the many meals I eat at work because let’s face it, the Financial District is a wasteland and it’d be way too depressing to read or write about)” NYC. I like those photos of someone who lost a bet to him, wearing a Whiskey bottle in front of some nice restaurants. “now entirely devoted to reviews of crap Japanese food – the kind that only children and poor people eat. “

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St. Patrick’s Day

March 16th, 2005 · Comments Off

If you’re in Chicago the parades and the river dyeing is over, but many of the St. Patrick’s Week celebrations are just starting.

Just in time for the big day I’ve revamped my Northside Irish Pub Map, although I’m aware there are a few new pubs missing from the map, notably Casey Moran’s Tavern on Clark and Thirsty McCarthy’s on Schubert. I’ve heard McCarthy’s has a good Belgian beer list, which while not very authentic, is okay with me.
Most of the Pubs in the city have live music events, and I imagine anyone who can play a bodhran is all booked up. Downtown today I noticed that the Brehon Pub has their LepreCAN porta-pottys out for the crowd. Also there’s a party trolley sponsored by Pilsner Urquell (the Czechs are big St. Patty’s day fans apparently). It’s picks ups at O’Callaghans at noon, the Brehon at 1pm, O’Leary’s at 2, Pepper Canister at 3 and PJ Clarkes at 4.

Personally, I’ll be staying closer to home as my town of Evanston now has two Irish pubs, enough for an official crawl. There’s Tommy Nevins which always pulls in a huge crowd, serving tons of corned beef and now that they have another bar in the back room, the line might not be down the street like usual. However, my old regular pub has become too much like a Bennigans (I actaully saw a waitress wearing a vest full of buttons). They still pour a decent Guinness and they light the fireplaces on chilly days, but the ‘flair’ turns me off.

Guinness beef and mushroom pastyThe newest pub in Evanston is the Celtic Knot Public House owned and operated by Publicans who are actually from across the pond (and Nevin’s ex-pats too). Debbie serves some awesome pub grub (that’s their Guinness beef and mushroom pasty), all their pints are a mighty 20 ozs. and they have some decent music lined up for the week and weekend, including two of the Muck Brothers playing tonight.

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Food news

March 11th, 2005 · Comments Off

A Woman for White House Chef? “Gender has joined the politics and intrigue that have come to define the hunt for a White House chef.”

Biscuit-eating dummy tests crumbs “Experts have invented a mannequin with a motorised mouth to test the amount of crumbs biscuits produce.”

A Century of Candy Bars: An Analysis of Wrapper Design “The purpose of this analysis was to gain a broad understanding of the design process of packaging in the confections (specifically candy bar) category.” Links to a PDF thesis.

Challis Hodge links to a designer (the link seems to be down at the moment) who’s made a set of tea mugs in different Pantone shades of brown can choose the mug corresponding to their preffered color of tea. It makes it easy for others to make a cup for you when you could tell them “make mine PMS 175, uncoated please”. But the other blog makes a good point, you’d have to have a PMS book handy, or buy all of the shades in order for the concept to work.

A Culinary Approach to Fortified Foods “Certain flavor systems or “tricks of the trade” are used in flavor houses by technologists… A chef may use the same type of process that is used in a “high tech” solution. The scientific approach is based on analytical and molecular structure, while the approach of a creative chef is based on flavor and the effects on a particular application… Vanilla can give a perception that the product is sweeter than it actually is and, therefore, is used in reduced-sugar products. Visualize a savory gravy, BBQ sauce or marinade composed of a balance of vanilla, brown butter, lemon juice and kosher salt. Such sauces enhance the sweet caramelized flavors of the meat and vegetables, lighten up the mouthfeel with the low pH of lemon, and intensify the whole flavor experience with brown butter and clean kosher salt.”

Chittah-chattah blog has a couple of “reviews of new grocery (and other) products that strike me as interesting or unusual”. He does a review on Grapples “(the a is long, like “grape” – it doesn’t rhyme with Snapple) are Fuji apples that have been dipped in water and Concord grape flavor; no added sugar or calories” and one on Tiger Power cereal. “They don’t float as easily as other cereal, so getting your spoon directly underneath becomes more difficult. A beveled edge on the cereal piece might help here.”

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Local (Chicago) Food blogs

March 9th, 2005 · Comments Off

As usual, I have a backlog of new food blogs to add to the list, but I thought I’d throw a few locals ones out here.

Chicago Foodies Chicago “Restaurants, Home Cuisine, & the Food Scene”.

Nutrition & the Immune System “Perspective of a Chicago Parent”.

Saucy, from Jessa, the bookslut.

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Food blog press

March 9th, 2005 · Comments Off

I got quoted in a Washington Post article on food blogs trying to estimate the number of food blogs out there. Right now my list is just over 300. I seem to be adding 7-10 every week.

The total number of active english-language food blogs in existence is a pretty tough question – there’s no way to know. I guessed, and said there could be as many as double as I have listed (600) and growing by twice as many as I can find a week (maybe 20 a week).

The only way a new food blog gets noticed is if they get listed on another’s sidebar, or if they get themselves listed on food porn watch or one of the other lists. Also I find a few from comments they make on my, and other’s blogs.

If a food blogger isn’t actively involved commenting and contributing to the online food events, they’re easily missed. But most bloggers are interested in a little attention or at least like to comment on other’s blogs, so that’s why my estimate isn’t any higher than (around) 600.

Also blogs are a fleeting thing for most people, the enthusiasm doesn’t last forever, and neither does the time it takes. Many people give it up and get on with their lives within a few years, so the number of blogs that go dormant or just plain die are a factor. I’d guess 10-15 percent of my present list will stop posting between now and summer.

I just noticed that we’re also mentioned in the Tennessean. Most of the reporters links are broken though. Don’t these people have editors? The article does give me a new source of food blogs from Globe of Blogs. And no, their count of 689 food blogs does not change my estimate, while there are some good ones listed, most are not active, or are not specifically food blogs.

There’s also a food blog article in the San Francisco Chronicle. And again, most of the blogs listed aren’t hyperlinked. What’s wrong with reporters today? Are they not allowed to hyperlink, or do they not know how? Even the Washington Post’s article had incorrect links (it’s, not .com and it’s with no spaces).

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More food blogs

March 7th, 2005 · Comments Off

Here’s my latest additions to the list.

Abundant “illustrates the joys of food and disseminates the philosophy that scarcity is a myth and we have the potential to feed everyone in the world.”

Earthly Delights Los Angeles

Food Follies “Like Ice Follies, But With Food”

Garlic Dude ” Charlie and Chef Alex Larson write about good things going on in the food and wine business. The brothers own and operate Rapazzini Winery and The Garlic Shoppe in Gilroy Ca The Garlic Capital.”

Hot Sauce Blog This blog has been set up so that we can update all the chileheads out there with the latest and greatest information in the fiery foods world!

Knife’s Edge – Restaurant Rants & Raves. By an actual restraurateur “lost in Northern California”.

No More Ramen – Eat Up & Chow Down

1000 Bars “My travelogue of a journey through 1000 bars in 1 year.” Some of us have loftier (and worthier) goals then others.

Oranges and Lemons “making really good orange lemonade”

Scott Hutcheson from Indiana.

Truffle Mutt, from Calgary.

Who wants seconds?.

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