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February 4th, 2005 · Comments Off

Here’s yet more food blogs to add to the list. Sorry if I missed anybody who asked to be included. I’ll find you eventually.

Anne’s Food A Swedish girl, obsessed with food and cats (and makeup) shares her thoughts, however incoherent they may be, with the world in general.

AtarChef Blog “Kosher recipes”


Andrew and Karens’ weblog Food authors Andrew and Karen Dornenburg eating blog.

Brown Bread and Ice Cream “Although the initial reaction to the idea of combining brown bread and ice cream may startle those who have never tried it, I love the pairing of things not immediately thought of as compatible. ”

Cracked Cauldron Spillings “Wherein we follow our Intrepid Entrepreneurs as they stumble purposefully towards the goal of opening a bakery in OKC while working as Personal Chefs.”



Cucina Testa Rossa “Please join me on my culinary journey through France”

Daily Eats “It’s a yummy journey through the love of food, life, culture, fun and friends. Daily Eats will wet your appetite and imagination.”

Foodie “I realized that I was always asking questions like what was the name of the Cab we had last week? Do you remember when I made that lobster dish last month? What dish did we have at Lupa that we absolutely loved?” NYC

Gastronomie “Culinary adventures in San Francisco and beyond”

Hodge Podge Kitchen “A place for the few of us in our family to share pictures and stories about the food we eat and cook. Mostly based in the Bay Area.”

Hungry Mouth

Munchin’ in manila “great eats & treats in Asia’s friendliest city”

My Little Kitchen

Queen of Tarts

Spicetart “learning to take pictures of food since 2004″

Sweet and Savory


Tigers & Strawberries

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San Domenico

February 4th, 2005 · Comments Off

My recent purchase and subsequent devouring of some Nutella reminded me that I have a few restaurant posts and some tasty pictures to finally get up. Way back around Christmas time I had brunch at San Domenico, in NY.

Coffee, orange juice, a big carafe of Prosecco, and a basket of basket of italian pastries and bread -Zeppole, Bombolini, Cornetti, and Pizza Fritta- are all served with brunch. Of course with jam, marmalade and Nutella.

I had a very generous serving of tender calamari and a torta Caprese

San Domenico had been subtly redesigned since I had been there last year. The brunch is a good way to try this elegant, expensive Italian place a little bit more informally. 240 Central Park South, brunch every Sunday, 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM.



Egg Cocotte with Truffle

Torta Caprese

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