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Pretty and not so pretty food

February 21st, 2005 · No Comments

salmon_wakame.jpgHere’s a couple of shots of some recent meals.

First the pretty one. A big slab of cheap salmon lasts me awhile, and I like making un-authentic sushi with it. It’s pan browned, then I put some rice on top of it and roll it in wakame (”A most popular, deeply nourishing sea vegetable, hand harvest from the pristine environmentally protected shores of Ise (eesay), Japan, washed and naturally sun dried. Becomes a happy bright green by simply soaking it.”). Dip it in some soy and wasabi.

squashpie.jpgNext the, um, less pretty one. It was darn tasty though. I don’t really have a name for this but you might call it a low-carb lasagna. Although I really don’t follow carb numbers so it might be called something like “Squash Pie”.

Bake a seeded and halved spaghetti squash, lightly coated with olive oil and some italian-type spices for about 30-40 minutes at 350F. Take it out when slightly browning. It should be tender enough to remove the strands of squash flesh with a fork. Brown slices of an eggplant. Brown some ground beef, pork, sausage or just some mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. Layer all that stuff in a pan with alternate layers of ricotta and as many other cheeses as you like. I used some parmesan and something else I’ve forgotten. Bake for another 45 minutes in a 350F oven.

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