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January 6th, 2005 · No Comments

Two serious food issue blogs:

U.S. Food Policy “U.S. food policy and economics from a public interest perspective. Parke is a food economist. If there were a profession called ‘nutrition economics,’ he would belong to it.”

U.S. farmpolicy A blog featuring news analysis and commentary regarding U.S. farm policy. Written by another professional – an Agricultural Statistician.

And more to add to the list of food blogs:

Baby Rambutan A rambutan is a “spiky bright red Malayan fruit, with soft, sweet and juicy flesh, and a stone pit.” From Boston.

Baking beast “a suspicious creature has been lurking around the streets, leaving behind delights that dreams are made of. what’s to become of this baking beast?”

Green Mansion “Suplada’s Food Blog”

In A Vegan Kitchen From Nova Scotia

Jonny Angel an archivist in Palm Springs obsessed with Asian food, mid-century modernism, and Things Japanese.

Lafang List

KookyKookbook “Simply Simple but Good Food Recipes.”

Oslo Foodie

The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans

Seven Kinds of Soy Sauce Adventures in home cooking, often (but not always) Asian. From New Jersey.

Cheese Net Not a blog, but it does have a cheese of the day.

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