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Pili Pili

August 21st, 2004 · Comments Off

I had a nice meal at Pili Pili last night, and discovered something – eating outside will help your food photography.


Sauteed Sea Scallops and Braised Beef Shortribs, Spicy Carrot Puree, Red Wine Natural Jus…$22.00. This is what I had. The short ribs were melty tender.


Honey Roasted Duck Apicius, Rissole Potatoes, Turnips, Date Puree, Apricot Sauce…$22.00


A special – an heirloom tomato salad.


Another special – a grilled rainbow trout.

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More local food news

August 16th, 2004 · Comments Off

Chicago Dine Out is a good way to eat cheap at some of Chicago’s finest restaurants. This week some great places are offering price fixe menus for lunch for $20 or dinner for $35, with S. Pellegrino donating a bottle of sparkling mineral water for you and a buck to Meals on Wheels for each meal. But it’s this week only. This is the only cheap way to eat at places like The Lobby at the Penisula, or LeLan.

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Chicago Food News

August 12th, 2004 · Comments Off

The Trib’s list of Chicago cooking schools

Stirred ‘n’ Shaken Another Chicago food blog. “An open, uncensored forum for eats, drinks, political and social venom! We welcome your comments and by all means don’t hesitate to “stir the pot”!! The pot will be stirred when the foodie elite in this town read that Spoon Thai, Gibson’s and Al’s Italian Beef are on the most overrated, over hyped restaurants list. I agree with him on Al’s. What do people see in that place? Mr. Beef rules above all others.

Last two links stolen from Gapers Block.

I noticed that Erawan, an up-scale Royal Thai restaurant on Clark has a sign on it’s door announcing its closing and future relocation. This year old article describes the challenges an expensive, up-scale Thai restaurant faces. I have a feeling the relocation might have something to do with the opening of LeLan (warning Bad flash site), a few doors north. Lelan is co-owned by Chef Arun, famous for his namesake restaurant, which is widely renowned for serving the best (and most expensive) Royal Thai food. Until I save enough pennies, I’ll be eating at the excellent, but cheap Panang, just across the corner on Chicago Ave and Clark.

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Some food links

August 11th, 2004 · Comments Off

Burger Chef memories

A list of food association websites “that contain consumer-friendly information.”

The search for the greatest grilled cheese sandwich in America

Eli’s Cheesecake has a blog Damn, we just missed National Cheesecake day on 07/31.

The site is in need of a serious revamp, but has some great old pictures of breweries and saloons, and for the kids, has some soda pop pictures. They wrote a book and operate “tours of famous (and sometimes infamous) Prohibition-era breweries and saloons for groups”. You can also preview The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago, Volume II

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