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Chicago Bar info

July 21st, 2003 · Comments Off

Sean Parnell’s Chicago bar project has recently added the
Best of Chicago Bars 2002 . I agree with all his choices, although I would have added Celtic Crossing to the Best Irish Pub list.

Gaper’s Block has two recent bar features:

Searching for the True Chicago Dive Not only is this a nice peice of cultural research, it’s a glimpse into a world no hipster would ever dare to tread. By the Wiz of Odds.

Tapped Out Another nice research piece on tap rooms – “Tap rooms, even the nicest ones, are about drinking and nothing but. Which makes them, in this day and age, something of an anomaly, if not an outright anachronism.”

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Food News

July 21st, 2003 · Comments Off

Shaun, from Backyard Grub, will be hosting a unique blogathon blog – chocolatada! Who’d have imagined that you could blog for 24 hours about chocolate, for a good cause? Go sponsor him.

Cash. Fame. Pressure. And Garlic. NYT (registration required) review of the Restaurant Reality Show. “Diners insult waiters. Waiters curse diners. Meanwhile, a fire has broken out in the kitchen, and a cloud of smoke spreads over the dining room. As the evening winds down, another Manhattan restaurant called Rocco’s serves a legal notice telling Mr. DiSpirito to stop using the name (it’s changed to Rocco’s on 22nd Street). Outside, the police begin towing illegally parked cars ? not just the patrons’, but Mr. DiSpirito’s, too.”

Homesick and Hungry? Online Fix A story on online stores that cater to regional food cravings, including a list of them. Oddly enough, I was in a Jewel today that had an entire display of the type of Irish products only found in specialty shops. While it’s becoming more common to find HP Sauce and digestive biscuits in a regular store, if you want the good sausages, puddings or rashers, you still have to go to those shops.

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Fried liver with curry sauce

July 18th, 2003 · Comments Off

liver1.jpgThis one may not look, nor sound so good to most people, but I’m going to make this a lot more often.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the sirloins I bought from Heartland Meats, at the Evanston farmer’s market. This weekend I was trying to save a little money so instead of paying a buck an ounce for meat, I thought I’d try their liver, at $1.75 for a 1/2 lb. I’m not a big beef liver fan, but I’ve always believed there’s a way to make anything taste good.

This liver is fried, with a light batter, and served with a curry sauce over rice and chives. The quality of the liver was excellent, without the overwhelming iron taste we all associate with the typical liver you wouldn’t touch as a kid.

I cut up the liver into nugget-sized pieces and battered them in a 1 T rice flour, 1 T corn starch, 2 egg mixture and fried them until brown in some peanut oil (and a drop or two of sesame oil). The rice was cooked with a few ounces Hichifuku brand soup stock I mentioned in the steak post and the curry sauce was left over from a cocunut milk curry I had made with some chicken the other night. Its just some thai peppers, onions, red curry paste, saffron, butter and coconut milk.

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Food blogs

July 6th, 2003 · Comments Off

I usually slow down my blogging a bit between June and July, and so I’m very backed up with my constant search for new food blogs. Here’s a list of some I’ve found recently.

Culinary Adventures with the radical chef “A Philipino cooking and recipes journal” Another excellent ethnic cooking blog.

Danger! Men Cooking! “A site about “competitive” foods; e.g., my chile is better than yours. Also covering food fermentations; sourdough bread, pickles, cured, and smoked meats, cheese, seafood, and food and foodways.”

Dead Man Eating Weblog a last meal weblog

Deus ex culina “God from the Kitchen”

An invitation to the barbecue “The world mediated through food.” By a cultural anthropologist.

The Eatles

Hong Kong Restaurants Review


Mum Mum A great blog on Malaysian cooking, with photos. Most of her recipes are from her granny. One of my new favorite blogs.

The Spice Must Flow

Tastes like chicken

The Weaver Family

Whining and dining

Wine Blog the First “a collection of winey stuff”

Witchin’ in the Kitchen

Rogi – The Wokblog

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Sirloin steaks with chanterelles

July 6th, 2003 · Comments Off

Heartland Meats Sirloin steakAt the Evanston farmer’s market last week, Heartland Meats was selling some of their product. Normally I don’t pay a buck an ounce for meat, but I couldn’t resist trying a few of their sirloin steaks, cut from a Piedmontese cattle breed raised in Illinois. This meat is very tender, very lean, with good flavor, but it better be at $7.50 for an 8 oz. sirloin steak. With some chanterelle mushrooms and some bean thread cellophane noodles, this meat made an awesome meal.

I marinated the meat for only a half hour or so in some soup stock I had bought awhile ago from Mitsuwa. It’s a Hichifuku brand, made with white soy sauce, dried bonito, shitake and sweet sake. It’s salty, malty and mushroomy. While the steaks swam in the “Tokusen Ryotei Shirodashi Shiki-no Irodori”, I sauteed the chanterelles in some butter, and then made a quick sauce using the Hichifuku, some rice flour, more butter and some cream.

The steaks went into a very hot iron skillet to sear, and finished in a 350F oven for five minutes. These steaks cook in a third of the time because they’re so lean.

Plated over some bean thread cellophane noodles with some chives.

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