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Salmon wakame chive salad biscuits

May 24th, 2003 · No Comments

salmon biscuitsThis sounds fancy, but it just a variation on tuna salad sandwiches. This is the kind of thing I eat when I don’t feel like cooking, it’s fast, but it allows me to play with variations of veggies or spiciness each time I do it. The salmon is from a can and the biscuits are Pilsbury Tender Layer Biscuits. Wakame is a green seaweed, sold dried in Asian stores. Wakame is milder then hijiki which looks the same dried (sort of like tea, but harder and crunchy) but when rehydrated, is dark brown to black and stronger in taste. There’s a few splashes and dashes of other ingredients, but this will make enough biscuit sandwiches for two for about $3. Use a cheaper store brand of biscuits (I’ve seen them for 39) and canned mackerel instead, and you can probably save another buck. I found my salmon for $2 a can, so your results may vary.

15 oz. can of salmon
rice vinegar
wasabi powder
dried wakame
can of Pillsbury Tender Layer Biscuits
fresh chives
1 T heavy cream
2 T butter
sea salt

I threw about an eighth of a teaspoon of dried wakame into a pot of boiling water. This stuff is deceiving, since it expands to big leaves of seaweed from tiny little black crunchy things. It only takes 3-4 minutes to rehydrate them this way, but the similar hijiki, takes a little longer. I drained and coarsely chopped them up.

Meanwhile the biscuits went into a muffin tin, which makes them puff up a bit, giving them that and into a hot oven according to the directions on the can.

I emptied the can of salmon into a bowl with above 3-4 spoons of mayo and a couple of splashes of vinegar. I like just enough mayo to coat the fish in my tuna salad, so thats what i did here.

The butter got melted in a pan and the cream went in, with the chopped up seaweed and some chopped chives. A dusting of wasabi was added for the hint of a bite. I just slightly thickened this and added it to the bowl and stirred everything up well. Normally it’s just the mayo, but I had some cream, and it really makes everything tasty. Split the biscuits and make sandwiches.

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