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Salmon Tempura

May 5th, 2003 · No Comments

tempuraInspired by Drew’s comment about what to do with pollock, I though I’d try my hand at frying the remainder of my salmon slab. You probably would think frying salmon is crazy but I figured if the batter was a light tempura, rather than the thick bready batter usually found coating fish with chips, it might work. While I think I could have done a bit more work to make this perfect, my result was a thin, flaky coating of golden brown, tasty, batter. The fish inside was perfect. This was great with some sushi rice, some rice vinegar soaked nori, soyu and wasabi. In the extra oil, I fried a few julienned red potatoes for something extra on the plate. Besides I don’t fry things very often, so I might as well get the use out of the oil. Frying is tricky, messy and fairly expensive, but the result is awesome when you get everything perfect.

5-6 thumb sized cuts of salmon, skin on
1 T rice flour
1 T corn starch
2 egg whites
white pepper
peanut oil, for frying
rice wine vinegar
sushi rice

I gave the salmon pieces a bath in rice vinegar, while I put on the rice, prepped the ingredients and heated the oil.

I’ve had good results with a half rice flour, half corn starch, 1 egg batter for frying chicken pieces for sweet and sour dishes but I wanted this to be very light. So I took out my trusty Alton Brown, and he instructs us to use only egg whites, and whip them into soft peaks before adding just corn starch and white pepper. Not one to follow directions to the letter, I added a half corn starch, half rice flour mixture to the egg whites. Now if I had really followed the directions, I would have beaten the eggs enough but stopped just short. I also threw in some ginger. When the oil was hot enough (350F) I dipped the fish pieces through the batter, as Alton instructs, then tonged them into the oil, cooking them one by one.

I turned them around a bit, for about 3 minutes or so, and they were came out golden brown. I tried the last few pieces with a thicker batter, throwing in some yolks. The result was okay, but the lighter batter was much better suited to the salmon. Next time I’ll give the egg white batter a real whipping for a crunchier, but fluffed-out consistency.

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