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Salmon with nori

May 3rd, 2003 · No Comments

Salmon with noriOne of the best deals I’ve found in my local Dominic’s is the bulk salmon. It’s not the best salmon out there, but when you can buy 3 lbs. of it for $10, and get 4-5 meals out of it, it is certianly worth it. This meal is made with a healthy 8-9 oz. fillet or under $2 worth of fish, 20 worth of yellow squash, maybe 10 worth of potatoes and 10 worth of butter. I used half a sheet of nori, which I figured to be about 5 and a few cents worth of romaine lettuce frills. At $2.45 this is actually a bit of a splurge since I can certainly make a $3 meal of chicken or pork last two days. The nori helps to cut the fattiness of the fish and the butter browned potato and squash in this dish.

8-9 ozs piece of a side of salmon
1 yellow squash
5 red potatoes
dried chives
half a sheet of nori
rice wine vinegar

Boil the potatoes for 7-8 minutes until they are just undercooked. In the mean time pan fry the salmon in a non-stick pan, with a tiny bit of butter. I usually cover during cooking for a bit with a tin foil pan. Brown the salmon on all sides. A thick cut of fish like this may need to be finished for 40-50 seconds in the microwave with some plastic wrap covering it. You can choose to use an oven, but I still believe finishing off the center of a piece of fish, is the best use of a microwave. Melt some butter in the used pan, and pan saute slices of the squash and slices of the potatoes. Remove them from the pan to drain. In the remaining butter, splash in some rice wine vinegar, the crumbled nori and dried chives. Squirt in some mayo if you want a more substantial sauce. Plate with the nori sauce dribbled over everything.

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