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Even more food links

April 21st, 2003 · Comments Off

Excellent rundown of ‘alternative milks’

This chick’s cook book

LocalHarvest searchable resource for local farmer’s markets, organic farms ad restaurants.

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Some more food links

April 20th, 2003 · Comments Off

Christina Wodtke, Information Architecture guru and food blogger, ponders recipes, both as precise instructions and as inspiration.

Eggheads, instructions for making Easter eggs with images of your favorite eggheads on them. Disclaimer: You will undoubtedly be tempted at some point to eat your eggheads, but please, do not eat the eggheads unless you are using edible vegetable dyes in your inkjet. (Trust me, you are not.) via marusin

Writeups and illustrations of economically important plantsKiwifruits are commercially harvested unripe, so that the fruit can be shipped hard to avoid bruising and rotting. Often in stores the fruit is still hard, but it can turn soft within a day or so, as a response to the formation of ethylene, a natural gas of fruit ripening, and temperature is also a factor. Enclosing fruits like these, avocados, and bananas in a bag often causes ethylene concentrations to rise, thereby accelerating the softening process, wherein cell walls become thinner and starches are converted into sugars.” via abuddhas memes

The codfish portal
via larkfarm

How to drink tea in space

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Food links

April 15th, 2003 · Comments Off

Some drink links:

Two of the last drink links via looka.

A couple of food blogs added to the list:

And in other food news, I’m very upset that the koala beat out the penguin for a spot in the animal cracker box. via girlhacker

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Food links

April 10th, 2003 · Comments Off

Just some links to make it look like I’m doing something around here:

Shylo gives us a review of Michelob Ultra.

Y.M Chee’s blog, with lots of restaurant and wine reviews.

I’ve probably pointed to this once before, but the Table of Condiments
That Periodically Go Bad
is a good reference

This month’s Cooking with the Seasons is on wild plants – Walk on the Wild Side

Homemakers and the war effort – Are you helping hitler by eating white bread?

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Horrible news

April 2nd, 2003 · Comments Off

New Glarus Belgian Red

I had heard about this from the bartender at the Maproom while sipping a Rasberry Tart from New Glarus – but I was in denial. New Glarus has pulled out of the Chicago market to satisfy the demand in Wisconsin. This article from Madison confirms it. I say let those cheeseheads drink Point and whatever Huber is selling for 9 bucks a case these days.

This means I’ll have to go back to the old days, when I had to cross state lines and bootleg back Sprecher. Fortunately Belgian Red cellars very well, so I’ll be picking up a case or two next time I’m in cheeseland.

Why did I not hear of or notice this sooner? Well I’ve been restricting my intake of beer to try to lose a little winter weight, but I should have been paying attention. I feel like hitting myself in the head with a bottle for missing the Real Ale fest for the second year in a row.

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Food Links

April 1st, 2003 · Comments Off

The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook I linked to this somewhere in the past, maybe on KIPlog, but Bourrez Votre Visage reminded me of it.

“October 4

Still working on the omelette. There have been stumbling blocks. I keep creating omelettes one after another, like soldiers marching into the sea, but each one seems empty, hollow, like stone. I want to create an omelette that expresses the meaninglessness of existence, and instead they taste like cheese. I look at them on the plate, but they do not look back. Tried eating them with the lights off. It did not help. Malraux suggested paprika. “

Speaking of eggs, Wells, from Burke and Wells insists you make these eggs – The Perfect Scrambled Eggs “If you cannot secure truly farm-fresh eggs no more than three days old, have a bowl of cereal.”

Also on eggs – A Devotee’s Search for the Perfect Eggs Benny, a post by local weblogger, Shylo.

A friend of mine was searching for a picture of Jiffy Pop Popcorn (yes, they still make it) and another friend came through to find it in the Archives of Imaginary World, a site full of food related packaging and other memories. Where else can you find piece of toast be a tour guide?

The Cultural Profiles Project is a site from Citizenship and Immigration Canada for briefing immigrant hosts on the culture of the newcomers. But it has some nice overviews of the food cultures of many nations. Here’s the one on Iraq. via Eat, Drink and Be Married

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