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I used to take suggestions on what to link to, but the blogosphere, as it is called now, has changed drastically. I used to appreciate the help. But now if you have links you'd like others to know about, you should start your own blog, or at least join Metafilter or the dozens of other 'community blogs' to get your knowledge out there.

Also unlike many of today's blogs, this site is not about me, but about the Web and the Knowledge that's on it. You'll have to read through an awful lot of crap here to find out anything so here's a short description for those of you who are into classification.

Name: Paul
Age: Towards the end of the 35-40 demographic
Lives: Evanston, Il
Works: River North neighborhood, Chicago IL
Ride: 89 Jeep Wrangler or the el, depending on which is running better
Occupation: All-around freelence Production Grunt for Web, screen or print. Need my help?
Food: anything but corned beef hash (see my FoodBlog for more)
Drink: fresh, local micro-brews and an occasional Dunkel Wiezen Bock when I can get it
Music: anything but top 40, although I'm not really into Tammy Wynette or Andrew Lloyd Weber, think more Coil, Orbital or Stephin Merritt
Persuasion: Mac
First Web Page: 1996, it was a list of links, updated periodically
First KIPlog post: the first archived post was September 99, although I think I had a few from August that I removed when I believed in (and thought I had time for) cleaning up linkrot.
Books: Almost entirely non-fiction, unless it was written by T.C.Boyle, Umberto Eco or Peter Matthiessen

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions write to me at