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MT problems have basically killed this blog. I'm in the process of rebuilding it in Wordpress. In the meantime, in between time, here are some links.

January 14th is jQuery's birthday. They're celebrating with 14 Days of jQuery

In Defense of Lorem Ipsum. "Thinking you'll solve your content strategy problem by signing a purity pledge that you'll never use Lorem Ipsum is like saying 'you're a crapass designer and the solution is you should quit using drop shadows.' "

Optimizing HTML This article clears a few thing up about commenting scripts, using unnecessary or default attributes, especially thing like 'meta http-equiv'. Personally, saving a byte or two (or as the article stresses - just keeping things slightly cleaner) by removing a few characters here and there is not nearly as important as figuring out how much impact the tons of frameworks, libraries, ad network delivery and analytic add-ons have on real world pages. 

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