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Eric Meyer is posting lots of feedback on the WaSP Community CSS3 Feedback 2008.  Both of those links help explain the rationale, limitations and functionality of whatever the hell they're saying over at the CSS Working Group.

Object Oriented CSS, "Object Oriented CSS is a different way of approaching CSS and the cascade. It draws on traditional software engineering concepts like extending objects, modularity, and predictability. " Good slideshare presentation on that page too. Some interesting ideas here - and conventions that really should be followed - like limiting the use of ID for styling or not specifying elements on classes and other tips to keep your redundancy to a minimum.  The OOCSS Framework is pretty nice - like most frameworks, it uses presentationally named selectors (left & right columns) and source code order that puts stuff before the main content, but I understand the logic of why they're used.

I'm not sure what to think about the webkit proprietary properties for Safari to do graphical stuff like rotating elements, fading or animated image rollovers etc. Cool and all, especially for iPhone app developers, but are we once again stepping into the muck of proprietary property browser wars? I'm not versed enough in the proposed properties to understand what 'usually' means when Apple says "Properties in CSS that begin with -webkit are usually proposed standards".  

As far as other future CSS support, like CSS3 web fonts, CSS canvas and CSS image retouching - get back to me in a week or so, and maybe I can comment on what it means.

Whatever the opinions on those webkit properties, I'm sold on Safari 4 (beta) soley for it's 'Develop menu', which, while not quite as rich as the Firefox developer plug in, has all the inspection and debugging tools I need. Although I can't find the vital 'view generated source' command. I have a feeling Firefox might be sitting dormant on my machine for awhile.

What all this stuff above means is that it's time to keep up on all this stuff again. There's lots of stuff to be excited about and try to learn, and try to teach. Maybe it's just me, but for the last couple of years, CSS growth seems to have been all about the newest image replacement or clearing method and the discussions were all about things like whether CSS frameworks are evil or not. Now it looks like I have some real learning to do again. 

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